Enterprise UX designer

<aside> 🇨🇦 Toronto-based product designer with 12+ years of experience creating user-centric solutions for businesses.


Recent job positions

Informatica - Lead UX Designer

July 2022 - Present

Leading the design initiatives of core features (Hierarchies, Relationships, Workflow management) of the Master Data Management suite of apps - Informatica MDM 360. Supporting the adoption of the enterprise design system - Trillian for MDM and managing the product-level custom components and patterns. Collaborate with the enterprise design system on enhancements of components and patterns.

Scotiabank - Senior UX Designer

April 2018 - Jun 2022

I was part of the Global business payments design group, spearheading the UX strategy of ScotiaConnect - The commercial banking platform of Scotiabank. I joined the team while transitioning from waterfall to Agile and adopting the enterprise design system. I had been a change catalyst in the design process by bringing in analytics, qualitative feedback and metrics into the design process.

Work Summary

Roles and responsibilities. Key projects span from 2018 to 2022, involving various aspects of Commercial banking and payment experience. Notable accomplishments